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Opened in September 2014 The Shooting Lodge is an exciting new operation for us here at Osprey Rifles. Situated on location at the fabulous Diggle Ranges the Shooting Lodge is a showroom with a difference.  All the rifles in the showroom are scoped up, zeroed in and sat waiting to be tried.  There are a dozen or so rifles in various configurations from lever action pistol calibre rifles to full on F Class rifles ready to be shot.  Its not just target rifles either with rimfires, varmint and stalking rifles available to test.

With perhaps the ultimate testing facilities at Diggle with ranges from 100 yards out to 1000 yards, potential customers can see for themselves just what these rifles can do.  Of course it is not just about the rifles but optics too.  With scopes from Bushnell, Sightron and March available to test you can literally see what you are getting…  No more holding your potential scope of choice steady in your hands whilst trying to look at some vague object, get down behind it on a rifle and look at a target 600 yards away and try it for real.

With the current firearms laws in the UK, buying a the wrong firearm can be a costly and not to mention lengthy (timewise) mistake with variations etc.  Thats why its important to make the right decision first time, after all you wouldn’t buy a car without driving it would you?  Well if you’ve ever wondered what its like to shoot a 1,000 yard benchrest rifle or a 44 Mag Underlever then The Shooting Lodge is the place to find out.

Osprey Rifles are also an approved Hornady Reloading Centre and with a wide range of reloading products available.  With a reloading station setup to demonstrate in store you can be assured of sound advice backed up with practical examples.

On the subject of reloading we are pleased to announce that starting in November 2014 we shall be running reloading courses from the Shooting Lodge with the added benefit of being able to test the ammunition you have loaded on the course that day on the range.  If you haven’t got a rifle yet then you can develop a load for one of the demonstration rifles in order that you can familiarise yourself with the procedure.

Products from other well respected UK custom builders are available too with products from the Tier 1 / Evo Sporting and Dolphin Gun Company in stock to sample.  Moderators for example – how good is the Tier 1 Matrix moderator or the Spartan?  Well much has been written about measuring performance of moderators, but the truth is, it is subjective, so the answer is try one and see if it works for you, after all what have you to lose?

The ranges at Diggle are owned and operated by the Pennine Shooting Sports Association, a members owned and run club that sees shooters visiting from all parts of the Uk and further afield.

Unfortunately we cannot spend all our time at the range, so most of the time we shall be working in the main workshop in Oldham a few minutes away.  However, the Shooting Lodge will be open thursdays and selected weekends depending upon the shooting calendar at Diggle.  It is therefore advisable to pre-book your visit to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you get more of our time.  Alternative opening times can be arranged by prior appointment as well.